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The core of our Engage management information system, enabling leaders, administrators and teachers to access insights into all student, parent and staff information across the platform.

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Benefits & Features

Improve your parental engagement

Unique communication and analytic tools ensure daily operations are integrated, streamlined and trackable. Inclusive school management enables teachers, leaders and staff across school functions to work together efficiently and effectively. Access via a secure Parent Portal and App provides transparency for parents and instant access to a wealth of information relating to their children, improving engagement and reducing school admin.

Understand data in one glance

Dynamic reporting, custom dashboards and a range of visualisation options at your fingertips translate a wealth of data into valuable knowledge and insights. Integral Admissions tools mean that enquiries, visits, conversions and enrolment data can be reported, visualised and shared clearly. Engage School is packed with ready-to-use visuals, from attendance pie charts on the portal to timetable displays, pupil planning lists and marketing ratios reports.

Parents, Staff and Student school data

The heart of the Engage school management information system

Users can input valuable data on almost limitless aspects of student, staff and parents, allowing the creation of lists, groups and reports for the smooth daily operation of the school.

Database fields can be customised to reflect your school’s terminology and have multi-lingual capability.

Engage School has the versatility to match your school’s structure, workflows and specialisms.

The depth of data that can be collected, stored and manipulated enables accurate reporting and seamless communication between staff and between school, parents and students.

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Manage your school marketing, online and offline enquiries, intake work and comms, all in one system

As an integrated platform, the Engage school management information system transforms how your school manages student recruitment, from first enquiry to enrolment and student tracking throughout their school career.

Engage School Admissions learn more

Document Management System

Your school documentation organised in a structured digital repository with custom permissions governing safe access

The Document Management System, or DMS, is a core function of Engage School, organising documents, invoices and assessment reports as well as tracking all communications with students, parents and staff.

Document Management System read more
document management system dms
Parent and child meeting with teacher

Parents' Evening

Engage parents and carers and take the strain out of organising your online and face-to-face meetings

An essential element of every parent or guardian relationship with a school is the face-to-face contact afforded by Parent Meetings. The Parents’ Evening tools within Engage School provide everything you need to organise these valuable opportunities for developing student success. It also includes integrated online conferencing facilities to manage your virtual meetings within Engage.

Discover Engage Parents Evening

Report Creator

Fully customise the way in which you interrogate, summarise and display your school data

Report Creator gives your school the power to create customised reports, drawing on the wealth of data in your Engage database, giving you real insight for sharing and planning.

Report Creator read more
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Prospective parents with child applying school

School Website Admission

Quickly implement secure online communication between prospective parents and Engage within your school’s web presence

The School Website Admissions module takes an enquiry from a school website and enters the data directly and safely into the Engage school management system, saving time and avoiding lost enquiries. Integration with your existing school website is really simple – you can customise the colours to match your branding.

Learn about our School Website Admissions tools

Engage Analytics

Powerful graphical tools to assess and report on your school’s performance at a glance

The Engage Analytics dashboard is designed primarily for school leaders, marketing and administrative staff; Analytics provides whole-school or group insights without the need to open Engage itself.

Engage Analytics read more
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using the parent app on smartphone

Parent Portal

Cement your school’s engagement with parents by communicating all key facts about their childs’ status, progress and welfare

Good family-school communication is essential to student success and for a healthy parent-school relationship. The Parent Portal provides parents with a real-time link to view key parts of their child’s school record, from assessment reports to attendance, forthcoming events and account charges.

Engage Parent Portal read more

Parent App

Place the welfare, progress and status of students right into the hands of their parents and carers

Parents and schools have never been busier. The Engage School Parent App allows the school community to keep in touch even on the move, regardless of location or time zone.

Parent App read more
using the parent app on smartphone
teacher on engage staff portal on phone

Staff Portal

All the vital frequently accessed areas of Engage, available anytime needed via a web browser

Independent, fee-paying and international schools are busy places. Staff members are constantly on the move, working at home in the evenings, travelling on school trips, at school events or on the sports field. Even the classroom can be very dynamic environment, particularly with younger years. The Staff Portal enables Engage to be accessed by leaders, teachers and school staff on mobile devices, wherever they may be.

Engage Staff Portal read more

SMS text integration

Instantly communicate alerts and other information by text message direct to phone from Engage

Text messaging is a quick, simple and effective communication method with your school community. Engage School offers an enhancement with an extensive range of text messaging tools built in, allowing schools to reach individuals or groups with routine or emergency information.

SMS Text Messaging read more
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Engage school management in the school community

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