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Learn about our portfolio of leading software systems developed specifically to nurture student development, engage parents and manage schools, property and assets. Our continually developed education technology solutions can be found at the heart of more than 2000 schools in 68 countries. Education Horizons' products do the heavy lifting and provide a wealth of key indicators throughout the school so that staff can maximise their time on the things that count such as student outcomes and operational efficiency.

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Harness the power of a premium cloud-based school management system

All in one intuitive system fully integrating school management, teaching, and finance.

Everything in one place

One powerful system driving your admissions, academics, performance assessment, reporting, administration and finance.

Information at your fingertips

Capture, access and share pupil information when and where you need it – connecting teachers, pupils, families and leaders.

Fits your needs

Flexible and versatile modules configurable to your workflows, terminology, language and currency anywhere in the world.

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Visible Learning and Wellbeing

The world’s premium integrated student learning, wellbeing and attendance platform.

Grow wellbeing and engagement

Connected data, real-time insights, evidence-based interventions.

Lift learning progress

Make learning visible and increase your effectiveness.

High-impact teaching

Curriculum, unit and lesson collaboration for consistent pedagogy and collective impact.

Engage your school community

Parents see learning, wellbeing and engagement in real-time.

Less admin, more learning

Timetables, feedback, lessons and resources at the touch of a button – anywhere, anytime.

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Discover the richest K-12 school management system in Australia

Proven school management that connects your whole community.

Unique data architecture

One ID for each member of your school community – mapping complex relationships to drive powerful communications, student care and finance.

Powerful reporting and actionable insights

Visualise data on intelligent interactive dashboards to enable data-informed decision making.

Grow your school and its connectivity

Manage daily school operations using secure online access, with parents and students staying connected through Community Portal.

Stronger together with integration partners

Integrate with other software through 65+ API endpoints – and growing!

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The next generation student information platform

Make running your school a dream with our intuitive, cloud-native information platform.

Rich student and community data

Safely capture, access, communicate and report your essential student, staff and family information – from enrolment to alumni – with industry-leading relationship database.

Ease of use for whole school community

Seamless Enrolments, Timetabling, Attendance, Wellbeing, Learning Progress, Academic Reporting, Compliance, Parent Comms and Billing – in one intuitive, easy to navigate platform.

Future proof

Rapid deployment and seamless integrations through our open-platform model and ‘API-first’ design – leveraging cloud-native micro-services architecture to connect all your essential data.

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The property information platform that gives confidence to schools

Easily visualise, plan and manage your property and asset risk with AssetWhere’s digital twin and facilities management tools.

See the bigger picture

Visualise every detail of your buildings, rooms, services, assets and grounds at the click of a button, manage risk and get the most out of your school facilities.

React with confidence

Provide  your team with the information they need to pre-empt and safely manage property, asset and facilities challenges in real time.

Effortlessly manage school resources

Co-ordinate internal and external facilities management teams working on site at the click of a button – to keep your school performing at the highest level.

Maximise school facilities investment

Understand your asset lifecycle – plan for the long-term with confidence.

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Training and Consultancy

Expert Professional Services

Maximise the value of your investment with the advice and assistance of our proven team of experts. Global capability, delivered locally to suit your school’s needs.

Product Training and Awareness services

Boost user confidence and competence with structured training, system awareness, new starter inductions and masterclasses.

Human Process Improvement services

Drive alignment between people and process.

Product Configuration services

Empower users and reduce IT strain.

Reporting and Communications services

Effectively capture and share student progress.

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