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Everything from school management, finance and reporting to learning progress, student wellbeing and engagement. We're here to help your school thrive.

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Increase your school performance with a single source of truth and connect all of your community together.

Improve student academic outcomes by using deep analytics to drive data led insights that support decision making.


At Education Horizons we understand your challenges and can help you with:

  • Creating one system to manage all your school data
  • Visibility of your school’s performance with comprehensive reporting and insights
  • Managing complex family relationships
  • Ensuring you have all student data to hand when needed
  • Managing complex payment arrangement
  • Make compliance reporting quick and easy
  • Creating efficiencies and improving student learning through academic reporting
  • Improving Parent Engagement
  • Supporting you through the change process with our expert team of trainers and consultants.

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We work with you to find the right solution for your school’s needs.

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EdTech Expert Advice and Training Services

We understand that change is hard that is why we have a team of expert available for onboarding, training and consulting.


Support the human change of implementing a new system to get all the team up to speed quickly

  • New System Training
  • Data transformation
  • Structure Training for specific outcomes
  • Custom workflows and reporting
  • Specialist subject courses


Identify knowledge gaps to maximise the investment in your systems

  • Health Checks to optimise value from your system
  • Regular Check-ins to ensure the team are on track


Ongoing investment in development of your staff

  • New Starter Training to get them up and running faster
  • CPD – Lunch and Learn sessions for ongoing development delivered in short bit size pieces
  • Masterclasses to share user knowledge

Specialised training

Flexible training & consulting to suit your school needs

  • Live online sessions
  • You choose the specialist subjects
  • Flexible dates and times
  • Free 30 minute scoping session to identify your needs