Rusinga Schools embraces technology for a paper-free future with Engage MIS (Management Information System)

Rusinga Schools is a Christian faith based K-12 school based in Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 1975 it is home to approximately 850 students across its Kindergarten, Prep and Senior schools. The school’s commitment to character-building and a strong ethos creates a close-knit Rusinga family. Recognising the significance of technology in education, Rusinga Schools has been on a decade long journey to create a technology enabled environment, embracing efficiency and innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape

The challenge

Streamlining Administrative Processes for Enhanced Parent Engagement

Before adopting Engage (referred to by the school as RUSELA), Rusinga Schools faced numerous challenges with its paper-based administrative processes. Traditional methods of communication, such as physical diaries and paper based reports, were inefficient and created ineffective parent engagement. Teachers struggled to maintain consistent engagement with parents and administrative tasks were time consuming. The school sought a centralised platform that could address these challenges, promote transparency and enhance collaboration amongst its school community

Before Engage, we used lots of paper for administrative tasks and this made it hard to communicate well with parents. We needed a better system to manage our school and get parents more engaged

Patricia Echessa-Kariuki, Head Teacher, Rusinga Schools, Kenya

The solution

Empowering Efficiency and Collaboration with Engage

Rusinga Schools chose Engage from Education Horizons as the solution to their administrative and communication hurdles. The school management system has digitised school processes, facilitating seamless interactions among students, parents and teachers. By leveraging Engage, the school aimed to establish a centralised hub for all school-related activities and communications.

The implementation process began with change management workshops to educate parents and staff about the benefits of Engage. Training sessions were conducted to ensure everyone could effectively navigate and use the platform. Engage was gradually integrated into the school’s daily operations, eventually becoming the primary method of communication and collaboration

Selecting Engage as our school management solution was a smart move. It has given us the tools to go digital and make communication easier between students, parents and teachers. Engage is the heart of our school’s communications and tracking of learners, from marking daily attendance, assignments, assessments, colour coding the areas of learning and progress, made the reporting writing process clearer and more distinct”

Patricia Echessa-Kariuki, Head Teacher, Rusinga Schools, Kenya

The results

Strengthening Parent Engagement, Improved Communication and Embracing Technology

The school has been impressed with how easy the system is to use, with Patricia commenting “Now, at a click of a button, we can upload, access, record and secure information right from student admission, and interact with our parents in a more engaged and personal way from wherever they are in the world. We now manage and conduct our Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC’s) through Engage and the turn-out for these sessions has been relatively higher than before.”

The adoption of Engage has brought remarkable changes to Rusinga Schools:

  • Enhanced Parent Engagement: Parents now have real-time access to their child’s academic progress, extracurricular activities and school announcements, fostering stronger parent-school partnerships
  • Streamlined Administrative Processes: Engage has automated tasks such as attendance tracking, report generation and fee management, reducing paperwork and increasing operational efficiency
  • Effective Communication: With Engage as the centralised communication channel, teachers can share homework, assignments and announcements directly with students and parents, enhancing the overall learning experience
  • Transparency and Accountability: Engage has promoted transparency and accountability within the school community. Teachers, students and parents have access to essential information, ensuring everyone is well-informed and on the same page
  • Technological Advancement: The school’s proactive approach to technology-driven education has positioned Rusinga Schools as a forward-thinking institution, ready to meet the demands of the 21st-century learning landscap

Engage has improved parent engagement, enabled seamless communication and positioned us as a technologically advanced school. With real-time access through a self-service portal, parents are able to track their child’s academic progress and direct communication with teachers, parents are actively involved in their children’s education

Patricia Echessa-Kariuki, Head Teacher, Rusinga Schools, Kenya

Achieving a Paperless Environment

The commitment to a paperless environment was a significant part of Rusinga Schools’ digital transformation. With the elimination of physical diaries, the school has successfully moved towards a paper-free future. Through Engage, parents, teachers, and students access homework, assignments and academic progress, further promoting the use of digital tools for communication and collaboration

Our shift to a paperless environment has made a big difference. With no more physical diaries, letters, weekly newsletters, etc we rely on Engage’s digital tools for improved communication and collaboration, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally conscious future

Patricia Echessa-Kariuki, Head Teacher, Rusinga Schools, Kenya

Digital Citizenship and Technological Advancement

At Rusinga, the school firmly believes in empowering its students to become responsible and ethical users of technology. Through various programs and initiatives, the school instils in its students the importance of using technology safely and responsibly. One of the highlights of their yearly calendar is the eagerly anticipated hackathon activity, where students showcase their innovative skills and collaborate to find creative technological solutions to real-world challenges

Through a carefully curated technology enablement environment, Rusinga Schools ensures that students are well-prepared to embrace the digital era while upholding the values of responsible digital citizenship

As a technology focussed school, we understand the importance of nurturing our digital citizens. Our students, born with phones in hand, bring a profound understanding of technology. The students are now able to easily access their allocations and selection of activities such as clubs, coarse outlines, upload their assignments, etc. We provide them with guidance, enabling them to navigate the digital world safely and ethically

Patricia Echessa-Kariuki, Head Teacher, Rusinga Schools, Kenya


Why Choose Engage?

Engage instantly makes working together easier, more efficient and more effective.

  • One system at the heart of your school to manage all your school data
  • Excellent user experience with intuitive design and navigation
  • Responsive for smartphones and tablets
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