Leipzig International School is a private, not-for-profit co-educational school for students aged 1 to 18, in Leipzig, Germany. It was established in 1992 as the first international school in central Germany and is now the largest, with around 1000 students from over 70 countries.

The school moved from 3Sys to our Engage MIS (Management Information System) to reduce the number of applications it had to run to manage multiple curricula and improve parent communications.

Leipzig International School external view

The problem: multiple school software solutions not matching complex academic and administrative needs

Leipzig International School (LIS) has to meet German and international curricula and reporting requirements. LIS had been using the 3Sys MIS with PASS finance software. However, as needs grew, the school had to add more systems to be able to manage its requirements effectively and these weren’t integrating well to run the school effectively. Communication with parents was also a major challenge and using multiple systems caused confusion for all parties.

Leipzig International School wanted one centralised school management system to sit at the heart of academic and administrative operations, acting as a single source of truth for school data.

Our system wasn’t working well for us. To make it work we had to use many other systems and find ways to integrate our processes. One of our biggest drivers to change platforms was the need to be able to communicate with parents. Having multiple systems made it complex, so we needed one single system for all our school data.

Peter Krusenbaum
Educational Technology Specialist
Leipzig International School, Germany

The solution: adopting Engage after careful research with an EdTech specialist

The school consulted with an EdTech specialist. After conducting in-depth research and comparison of Engage to iSAMS, it was decided the best solution for LIS was Engage from Education Horizons, as it is a global platform that can support both international and German school requirements. The school planned to take advantage of its fully integrated single-platform capabilities including admissions, academics, performance assessment, reporting, administration and finance.

We wanted to have a new modern system that was capable of web integration, open communications between students, parents and teachers, and simplifying the admissions process. As well as consolidating multiple systems into one platform.

Peter Krusenbaum
Educational Technology Specialist
Leipzig International School, Germany

leipzig international school science lab

How Engage has made a difference

The success of any school depends on timely, accurate and helpful communication between staff, departments, school, parents and students. The Student Dashboard, Parent Portal, Staff Portal and Engage App all combine to enable transparent and easy communication for a thoroughly professional school experience.

LIS is finding the staff portal to be invaluable. The teachers have been enjoying having access to more reports and tools than they had previously, making the work processes smoother and saving valuable teacher administration time.

Parents can now access the Parent Portal to see regular updates on their child’s progress, school activities and important notices, improving community engagement significantly.

Everything is easier in Engage; we can plan activities with parents and it is a great way to engage with them. All communications are stored in the Engage system so it’s easy for staff to review what has been sent and received.

Peter Krusenbaum
Educational Technology Specialist
Leipzig International School, Germany

leipzig international school early years class

Engage school support

The school has appreciated the Engage support team during onboarding and implementation of the system, particularly the prompt response times and resolution of issues.

To ensure that the school continues to receive any assistance it needs, it has access to the Engage Help portal with its video guides, knowledgebase articles and ability to raise cases with the support team.

Every time we have had a support request, the Engage support team has handled it very quickly for us, usually within two to three hours. They have been great at communicating with us about the priority level and whether a support request will require further development. We work well together and appreciate their efforts to quickly resolve the small issues we have had.

Peter Krusenbaum
Educational Technology Specialist
Leipzig International School, Germany

Why choose Engage

Engage instantly makes working together easier, more efficient and more effective. It offers:

  • One system at the heart of your school to manage all your school data
  • Excellent user experiences with intuitive design and navigation
  • Responsiveness for smartphones and tablets
  • Safe, secure and accessible in the cloud
  • One system that creates connected teams and streamlined communications
  • Easy ways to access, share and update essential school information
  • Highly flexible and customisable to suit particular school requirements