Kingsmead College is an independent girls school with approximately 900 students, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Unlike other schools in the region, it does not require students to pass an entrance exam for admission. Founded in the 1930s with the belief that every child has individual talents and there should be a place for anyone, Kingsmead accommodates students of all backgrounds from pre-primary through to year 12.

three students at kings mead college South Africa

The challenge

Finding a comprehensive school management system to support the school’s approach to learning

Kingsmead College faced the challenge of accommodating diverse student interests and talents while striving for academic excellence. The school believes in recognising each child’s unique potential and fostering an inclusive environment. However, it needed a more efficient and comprehensive school management information system to support its approach to education.

We believe here that every child has their own potential – there’s always a place for you whether you are good at sports, academic subjects, music or whatever your talents

Lora Foot
Director of Education Technology
Kingsmead College, South Africa

The solution

Implementing Engage school MIS has improved the understanding of individual students

Kingsmead College implemented our Engage school management information system holistic all-in-one solution to address its challenges. Engage from Education Horizons has empowered the school to understand more detailed information about its students and improve their performance. The system facilitates academic record-keeping and encompasses timetabling, parent communication and more. The school easily completed onboarding, benefiting from remote training and user-friendly manuals.

Engage has proved highly adaptable to Kingsmead’s complex timetable, which allows students to choose their subjects. The system has enabled them to create subject packages based on individual choices and provided a drag-and-drop feature to manage adjustments. The school also leveraged Engage’s capabilities to manage teacher substitutions, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

We always want evidence of what we are doing and that’s why we chose to change our school management information system. Engage empowers us to be able to analyse our students to a higher level so that we can improve our performance

Lora Foot
Director of Education Technology
Kingsmead College, South Africa

The results

Engage MIS improved school organisation, increased efficiency and streamlined parent communication

By implementing Engage, Kingsmead College has improved the organisation and efficiency in many areas of its school operations. The school has streamlined the distribution of academic reports through the Parent Portal, rather than via email; this centralised approach eliminates the need for duplicate requests from parents, as all reports are readily accessible in one place.

The successful adoption of Engage has enabled Kingsmead College to enhance its educational practices, support individualised learning and continuously strive for excellence.

We can do things in a much more organised way with Engage. There’s so much potential in it and it’s been great that the development team listens to our comments and incorporates improvements specifically for South African schools – that’s a huge plus

Lora Foot
Director of Education Technology
Kingsmead College, South Africa

Why choose Engage?

Engage instantly makes working together easier, more efficient and more effective:

  • One system to manage all your school data
  • Excellent user experience with intuitive design and navigation
  • Responsive for smartphones and tablets
  • Safe, secure and accessible in the cloud
  • One system that creates connected teams and streamlined communications
  • Easily creates, access, share and update essential school information
  • Highly flexible and customisable