Is your school’s data secure?

On the 28th April this year an Australian private school was the victim of a cyber-attack that denied access to computer systems, encrypted databases and deleted backups.

A recent Telstra survey found that of 300 Australian companies surveyed, 48% had experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months.

Of the survey respondents who suffered an attack, 81% experienced a ransom incident and 51% of them paid it, with the majority saying they would pay again to recover their data.

These statistics show how valuable your data really is to your daily business operations and highlight the impact of not protecting a school community’s personal and financial data.

While an attack is perhaps inevitable the right preparation can ensure it is repelled.

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What is covered in this consultation?

  • Privacy & Security brief: Expert-led session with key stakeholders
  • Privacy ‘check-up’: Gap analysis against Privacy Act requirements
  • IT Security audit: Common security issues tailored for a school environment
  • Q&A Session: Open forum with key stakeholders
  • Feedback: Oral feedback on initial findings
  • Security Strategy: Compilation of a comprehensive findings report with recommendations (within 7 days).

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Schools need to treat a cyber attack in the same way they would a fire threat—with a comprehensive risk audit, water-tight preventative measures, and be ‘fire drill’ ready to respond effectively if an attack took place.

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Here’s what a client had to say after a recent audit:

The extensive privacy gap analysis and security gap analysis really focused in on what we are, and what we are not, doing well.
The resultant risk matrix provides a clear visual aid in understanding our situation, explaining it to the Principal, and prioritising our training and remediation actions.
We now have a clearer understanding of the areas that we need to work on and a useful resource to guide the prioritisation of our efforts.

-Evan Hughes, Head of ICT (Shire Christian School)

Who should be involved at the school?

Business Managers, IT Managers and key school leaders such as Principals and Vice Principals.

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If there is even a small chance that your data may be at risk, it is not worth finding out via a malware attack. A thorough IT security audit will help identify any potential vulnerabilities in your current set-up.