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Eileen Hayes
Eileen Hayes

Eileen Hayes is a Software Support Analyst who has been with Synergetic for over 5 years. With formal qualifications in both IT and teaching, and extensive experience working across both disciplines, Eileen is a critical member of the support team. She has in-depth knowledge of the Synergetic software and insight into the unique challenges faced in the school environment. In addition, she has worked at MYOB, which has equipped her perfectly to specialise in Payroll and Finance Support queries.

Juggling a successful career, motherhood and even managing to fit in reading the occasional novel, Eileen values finding ways to save time and get great results. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and is a regular contributor the Synergetic Knowledge Base of articles.


How to get the most from your support experience

Eileen offers her top tips for getting a quick and accurate response to your support ticket.

As an experienced member of the Synergetic Support team, I see many tickets come through to our queue and some get quicker results than others just based on how the ticket is logged.

The best way to get the most out of your Support ticket is to be clear what the exact issue or question is. You can also try some of the pointers below.

Search Knowledge Base

Even before you lodge a ticket, there are ways you may be able to solve your query by searching our Knowledge Base articles. Common questions and issues are addressed in these articles and may provide you with an immediate answer or some troubleshooting steps.

We regularly add articles, which also automatically present as you type keywords into the subject line when creating a ticket through our Service Desk. The articles are written by our team in the hopes that your issue can be resolved, as a result they are quite comprehensive and not just copied and pasted information.

Give examples

Another tip is to give an example of what you are trying to achieve and step by step replication steps; this is especially helpful when reporting an error as it gives us a strong starting point to see what is happening and where.

Provide screenshots

Providing us with screenshots and example IDs (if relevant) means our team can reproduce the issue and diagnose the problem to rapidly provide a solution. When including screenshots, please highlight or explain the exact concern to help the team with triaging, diagnosing and resolving your ticket.

Explain urgency

If your issue is urgent, be sure to explain in the ticket why it has such urgency, we need to know why in order to address it accordingly. We prioritise all tickets with a level based on impact so helping us to understand your situation goes a long way.

Last, but not least

Please keep in mind that every school is different and manage their database differently, so sometimes we require extra clarification around what it is you are trying to achieve, or the timeframe required.

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