Synergetic and HROnboard are the perfect combination to go completely digital—saving time, money and working towards an environmentally sustainable future.

A seamless integration

Synergetic and HROnboard help your human resources team create amazing employee journeys. HROnboard is employee onboarding software to help personalise employee experiences, create new efficiencies and an audit trial.

Synergetic offers a seamless integration with this contemporary application.

Utilising the Synergetic Staff and Payroll modules in combination with HROnboard can help achieve a completely digital office.

Synergetic partners with a community of software providers to offer the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience your specialist teams needs. HROnboard is the perfect fit, with an elegant and effective HR solution.

With the ability to reduce paperwork and find better recruits more quickly, what more reason do you need to check it out?


Here’s 5 reasons why you should move your schools’ onboarding to a digital experience.

  • Surprise & delight your new school staff
  • Save HUGE amounts of time and automate the offer pack, whilst creating a reliable audit trial.
  • Never chase a contract or accreditation, ever again.
  • See at a glance every offer
  • Streamline the way you work


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With the peak recruitment drive period for 2019 in full swing, ensure you get the best people for your team.

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