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Zunia’s school billing software simplifies fee management and financial administration. It offers features like splitting fees amongst debtors, individual fee overrides, and identifying student years and family billing groups. The software records debtor details, payment methods, and plans, while providing transparent access to account transactions, invoices, and statements. With customisable fee codes and bulk billing rules, billing processes are automated which makes processing and managing payments for schools faster.

How does it work?

With this feature, you can effortlessly divide student fees and charges across multiple debtor accounts, accommodating varying percentages or specific dollar amounts to handle complex family payment arrangements. Zunia also enables personalised fee adjustments for individual students and recognises their academic year and family billing group so you can customise your school finance operations.

Zunia excels in record-keeping, capturing debtor data like names, addresses, and payment methods. It offers flexible payment plans, from self-management to automated credit card payments, and presents a comprehensive view of transactions, invoices, and statements. Automate your billing runs based on predefined rules and family clusters, including incidental charges.

Zunia’s online billing software for schools enhances efficiency by generating and dispatching invoices and statements, streamlining communications with your school community. Zunia integrates with major accounting platforms, such as Fat Zebra, Stripe (coming soon), Xero & MYOB, offering seamless financial management.

What are the benefits of Zunia’s school billing software for schools?

Simplified payment management

Simplified payment management

Schools can establish and manage automated payment plans for parents, allowing for payment updates, plan changes, and easy access to transaction details, invoices, and statements. Parents can view invoices easily from within the Zunia School App to stay on track with their school fee payments.

Automated billing & fee allocation

Zunia allows you to streamline your billing and fee allocation. Fees and charges for a student can be automatically split across multiple debtor accounts by % or $ amount, so you can split school fees across multiple family members such as parents, grandparents or more. Fees are automatically applied based on the student's year level, and sibling discounts are applied based on their position in the family group (e.g., 2nd child, 3rd child discount).

Automated billing & fee allocation
Complex family structures

Complex family structures

Zunia is designed to manage complex family structures with ease, catering to split and blended families, ensuring accurate billing for each student. Special arrangements for students can be accommodated at an individual level, catering to the unique financial needs of each family. This ensures accurate and tailored financial tracking for individual students.

Payment plans

Zunia offers multiple payment plan options to cater to diverse parental needs. Schools can set up plans ranging from self-managed periodic payments to Direct Debit options and automated credit card payments. The system also allows configurations based on payment frequencies, such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or term-based schedules. This flexibility ensures that parents can choose a payment method and frequency that suits their financial situation, promoting timely payments.

Payment plans
Efficient school billing

Efficient school billing

Schools have the flexibility to configure billing rules to match their unique school billing policies, enhancing financial management. The creation of customisable fee codes are seamlessly integrated into the system. Schools can also configure automatic bulk billing rules so that fees do not have to be manually calculated for each student, saving valuable administration time.

Instant invoice creation

Schools can create invoices promptly for additional charges such as, camps, excursions, or consumables and send them directly to the parent/guardian, so that parents are informed of additional expenses relating to their child.

Instant invoice creation
Tailored communication

Tailored communication

Zunia's software enables the generation and distribution of invoices and statements with remarkable ease, parents receive timely and tailored notifications about charges for their child improving communication between schools and parents.

Seamless integration

Zunia's compatibility with leading finance systems such as Xero, Quickbooks & MYOB, including integration options such as API or CSV upload, ensures a smooth flow of fees and billing information. This integration enhances data accuracy and reduces manual data entry ensuring that schools have a consolidated view of their finances at all times.

Seamless integration
Automated receipts

Automated receipts

Automating the receipt process, Zunia ensures that payments received are automatically allocated to outstanding transactions, thereby reducing administrative workload and enhancing financial accuracy.

Reliable IT support

Zunia offers dedicated customer support to address any technical issues or queries that might arise with your school finance management. The dedicated IT support team is ready to assist schools when they need assistance. Schools are further supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help guide them to maximise the software's potential.

Reliable IT support

Zunia’s school fee management software offers a cohesive suite of features that collectively enhance financial management in educational institutions. By simplifying fee allocation, optimising billing processes, and facilitating seamless integration, the software empowers schools to efficiently handle their financial operations, ultimately benefiting school leaders, school administrators and parents.

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Get visibility across a wealth of information related to your students, staff and school community, to make better-informed decisions on how to support, nurture and engage them. 

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Easily manage school operations and complex family relationships, school fees and charges, along with individual communication and billing preferences for each parent or caregiver. 

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Get real-time insights into student progress, attendance, and wellbeing, and communicate with students, parents, and other staff members across the school using one platform. 

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Set up Zunia to reflect your school’s unique structure without the cost of on-premise infrastructure & maintenance. With Zunia you can, integrate maintain the highest security standards, and eliminate disruption for your users. 

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