Pelangi School in Ubud, Bali is a small international independent school with approximately 200 students. It is a not-for-profit school that has provided holistic education for local and international students since 2006.

The problem: to modernise school data management within the budget and resources of a small school

Since its establishment in 2006, Pelangi School relied on Excel spreadsheets and computer programmes to manage student data and attendance. This caused issues with a growing team not being able to access data in a central location.

As a small, independent, not-for-profit school, cost and a lack of personnel resources was a very real concern. Pelangi School has no internal IT department to facilitate and support the implementation of a school management system and had a small budget to work within. Both of these created a barrier for the school to stay up to date with technology in the current climate.

For a small, international independent school, we have not had the infrastructure or resources to be able to afford a school management system in the past, but we are so happy we found Zunia!

Melanie Hammond
Pelangi School, Bali

Pelangi School students natural campus

The solution: adopting a next-generation student information system

Pelangi School decided to invest in the school’s future by partnering with Education Horizons and selected Zunia, our next-generation student information platform. Zunia is a cloud-native solution hosted on the AWS platform, offering the highest levels of security for the school’s data. Zunia can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Zunia is designed for schools by people that understand schools. Zunia gives schools complete control over their data and enables them to communicate with parents effectively through real-time messaging systems.

Instead of adding internal ICT support and dedicated IT staff, the school relied on the Education Horizons onboarding team to assist with its implementation.

Centralising the schools’ administrative processes and student data while also improving communication was essential for the school as it grew.

Pelangi School has been able to centralise its administrative processes to make them more efficient and effective. They are also now able to share information between teachers and staff members quickly and easily, making daily operations much smoother.

After years of working across spreadsheets and a variety of programs to manage things like student data and attendance, we now have the answer in Zunia. We have been able to centralise our school administrative processes.

Melanie Hammond
Pelangi School, Bali

Easy onboarding with Zunia

Pelangi School completed its onboarding training for Zunia in late 2022 and found that any concerns surrounding running the implementation training without in-house IT staff were unfounded.

The Education Horizons onboarding team supported and trained the school’s director, Melanie Hammond, during its set-up, answering any questions and guiding the school throughout the process. The easy-to-follow onboarding process for the user-friendly Zunia system has given Melanie the confidence to train the school team further.  

The trainers were great, explained everything clearly and were at hand to help if any questions arrived. We were concerned whether we could manage the set-up ourselves, however, our fears were completely unnecessary. I am about to carry out the onboarding training for our teaching staff and feel confident to do so after the guidance I received from the Education Horizons team.

Melanie Hammond
Pelangi School, Bali

Four young students Pelangi School

Why choose Zunia

Zunia makes running your school a dream with our intuitive, cloud native, information platform.

  • Industry-leading relationship database at the heart of Zunia
  • Safely capture, access, communicate and report your essential student, staff and family information
  • One student information platform driving school management, finance, student wellbeing and learning
  • Zunia’s innovative data mapping tool helps you generate and submit essential reports quickly
  • Intuitive, flexible Marksbook lets you easily capture learning progress
  • School fees and charges management
  • Manage complex family payment plans
  • Communicate with ease via direct two-way parent communication