Attendance, Census, academic…the list of reporting requirements is never-ending for schools.

The challenge is creating timely, accurate, insightful school reports that meet demanding compliance obligations. To keep pace with their obligations, schools need systems with powerful reporting engines that can automate the process and save time.

That’s where our new Student Information Platform, Zunia, can help.

Now available to schools in Australia, the Middle East, and South East Asia, the next-generation student information platform is designed with easy-to-use reporting features to help schools meet compliance needs in a few clicks rather than days.

Yiyili Aboriginal Community School, a small independent school in Australia, was looking for an easy way to track student attendance and meet complex reporting requirements.

Zunia is simple and intuitive for educators to use and has relevance and flexibility in small schools. Tracking student attendance is made easier for schools that have high levels of student transiency and the compliance reporting engine will allow us to meet complex reporting requirements, including the collection of Census data.

Todd Flanagan,
Yiyili Aboriginal Community School

Take a closer look at the top Zunia school reporting and compliance features:

1. Easily create reports with templates

Zunia’s report template tool makes it quick and simple to configure academic reports and address standard compliance requirements in clicks, not days.

How to create a school academic report in Zunia

Creating an academic report template in Zunia is easy and intuitive:

  1. Start by creating your front cover, which lets you add your logo, school name, academic reporting period, title, and list of subjects.
  2. Add in a principal statement or other leadership comment.
  3. Navigate to the subject templates and toggle on/off next to the associated learning areas (e.g. literacy, numeracy) so you can add comments where needed.
  4. Go to the learning area and define up to five different assessment types and assessable criteria to suit the teacher.

After configuring the templates, the school leader clicks ‘Create report’ to see a list of report templates to choose from.

You can create as many academic report templates as you need for different subjects and periods, such as if you need a different format for an interim vs a semester report.

How to create a school compliance report in Zunia

Compliance reporting can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve made it quick and easy to create them in Zunia.

At Education Horizons, we’ve done the heavy lifting by identifying the main compliance reports such as NAPLAN, SBD, State & Commonwealth censuses and much more, as well as key values needed across all government bodies.

That means all you need to do is map your fields to the authority codes – best of all, you only need to do this once.

You can then export and download the data in the correct format – no more manipulating complex Excel spreadsheets and data.

Zunia’s compliance reporting tool has been a game-changer for Quayside Isle Preparatory School in Singapore, saving hours of admin time.

We’re a small preparatory school in Asia and we needed one system to manage all our school administration & operations with limited staff. Zunia has transformed our compliance reporting process as we can now download an ECDA compliant report in a few clicks, saving us hours of manual work.

Claire Michael,
Director of Learning
Quayside Isle Preparatory School

2. Manage school reports end-to-end with a visual dashboard and workflow

Managing academic reports from end to end can be a complex and time-consuming task. In Zunia, we’ve streamlined the process. ‘Manage reports’ provides school leaders with an intuitive workflow to coordinate the writing, reviewing, proofing and sending of academic reports.

Once the school admin has created the academic report templates, you can assign them to teachers using class enrollment information.

With Zunia’s Manage reports, you can quickly move reports through each stage:

  1. Find reports by student or teacher name.
  2. See how teachers are progressing with report writing.
  3. See what tasks are outstanding by the teacher or subject.
  4. Proofread draft reports created by teachers.
  5. Assign for the approval process.
  6. Send the final academic reports to families, either individually or in bulk.

3. Track student attendance over time

Zunia lets you track and report on student attendance with on-screen longitudinal data.

You can view attendance by day, week or a custom date range.

With an easy view of longitudinal attendance data, you can track and analyse student attendance to identify issues and make informed decisions.

Why choose Zunia?

Our new cloud-based Student Information Platform, Zunia, is evolving how schools manage complex student information, taking the time and hassle out of day-to-day school reporting and compliance.

Zunia is available to schools in Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia looking to simplify their school information management and reporting.

With Zunia reporting, you can:

  • Easily meet your compliance reporting requirements in just a few clicks
  • Enjoy the flexibility of configuring your academic reports
  • Manage reports end-to-end with a visual dashboard and workflow
  • Track student attendance over time

Book a demo to see how Zunia can simplify your school’s reporting and compliance needs to save valuable time.

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