SEQTA from Education Horizons, the visible learning and wellbeing platform, offers a FREE app for tracking student attendance that monitors the whereabouts of your students on the school campus by recording their check-ins at designated points. It offers a hassle-free approach to staying informed about student movements, including visits to the library, which classroom a student is in or whether they’re in the sick bay.

Check-ins made easy

  • iPad based application
  • Students can check in or out by either scanning their student card or entering their name
  • Pairing the SEQTA Kiosk app with a docket printer can issue a receipt if the student is checking out is possible. The receipt can be presented to a teacher or another person of authority as proof of their departure from the school grounds
  • Securely integrates with SEQTA Teach

Classroom use

The SEQTA Kiosk app can be used by students entering or exiting their classes. It helps maintain accurate attendance records, including instances of lateness or truancy.

Campus-wide use

The SEQTA Kiosk app can be used by students entering or exiting the school campus. It is useful for knowing whether a student is on campus or not, which can be crucial in the event of an emergency such as a fire where knowledge of who is present on campus is vital for ensuring their safety.

How the SEQTA Attendance Kiosk App works

The SEQTA Kiosk app allows students to tag in or out of school or class, automatically updating attendance in the SEQTA Suite.

Download the SEQTA Kiosk App to your school iPads, log in with your SEQTA account credentials and place your iPads in convenient locations around the school.

You can independently set up as many Attendance Kiosk iPads as your school needs and locate them where they are convenient for you.

​Key features of our school attendance kiosk app

  • Independent student sign-in / out
  • Print student sign-out slips (when connected to a printer)
  • Automatically syncs and updates attendance in the SEQTA suite
  • Capture student movement and attendance
  • Ability to set up multiple kiosks