SEQTA is pleased to announce that e-textbook school content provider LearningField is being fully-integrated into the SEQTA Teach product.

LearningField delivers thousands of chapters of e-textbook content from the world’s leading educational publishers to the classroom through a single platform.

SEQTA Teach’s upcoming release will enable schools with LearningField subscriptions to embed and link to LearningField’s 12,000 chapters of e-textbook content without ever leaving the SEQTA learning management system.

Teachers can assign texts for students, make and share notes with classes on the fly, and cater to mixed-ability classrooms by selecting appropriate texts for varying levels.

Chief Executive Officer Grant Grosser said, “SEQTA is continuously looking at ways and opportunities to deliver value to schools, to support teachers with their work.”

“The partnership builds on a mutual goal of providing user-friendly and all-in-one solutions that saves time for our teachers and enables them to concentrate on what matters: supporting students’ learning.”