Implementing a new school learning management system (LMS) can be exciting and challenging. It can be typical for schools to focus too much on the technical capabilities and operation of their LMS and lose sight of what they’re trying to achieve, resulting in amplifying the problem the LMS was meant to solve. 

Education Horizons Senior Education Consultant, Kim Edwards, comments, “Implementing a new school LMS is far more than just getting the software operational and teaching people how to use it.” Instead, she proposes that a cultural shift needs to occur within schools and leaders need to encourage users to adopt new processes.

Education Horizons Professional Services team workshop is designed to help schools achieve their unique goals, emphasising the importance of getting everyone on the same page, aware of their role and responsibilities within the context of the change and how to make the cultural shift.  

Studies have shown that initiatives with excellent change management are six times more likely to meet objectives than those with poor change management. SEQTA’s Strategic Planning workshops are a prime example of a successful change management program that has helped many schools develop a detailed implementation plan tailored to their specific needs.  

SEQTA, the visible learning and wellbeing platform, from Education Horizons, offers personalised support to help schools achieve long-term success. Education Horizons’ customer-centric focus sets us apart from other LMS providers who often withdraw their support once the technical implementation is complete, leaving schools to navigate the complexities of change management themselves. Schools can confidently achieve their unique goals with Education Horizons’ ongoing support through the Professional Services team, Support team, and dedicated Customer Success Manager.