Australian schools have some of the most onerous compliance reporting requirements in the world.

If you’re a school leader, you’ll know your administrative staff have to spend hours manually checking data, removing duplicates, or formatting complex Excel spreadsheets

That’s why Zunia, our new cloud-native student information platform, features a dedicated compliance engine to revolutionise how schools manage complex student information and take the hassle out of compliance and other day-to-day tasks.

Tick off your school compliance checklist

Zunia’s compliance engine makes reporting faster, easier, and more accurate. You can collect the information you need for complex school compliance needs and complete your compliance reporting in just a few clicks, not days, freeing your staff to spend time on other value-adding tasks.

Whether it’s student residential address collection, NAPLAN reports, and student attendance statistics, administrative staff can create accurate reports without worrying about the human errors that inevitably come with manual reporting and double-handling. So you can have confidence in the accuracy of your records and your staff can become more efficient in their day-to-day work.

Learn about Zunia’s easy compliance reporting here

Customise your compliance reporting in a few clicks

Because we know new technology can sometimes be overwhelming, we’ve made it easy for your staff to switch to Zunia for compliance tasks with an intuitive set-up, interface, and navigation.

It’s easy to customise the data you need for your report – no need to manipulate complex spreadsheets.

In Zunia, student data automatically cascades down and provides reports that support most compliance and submissions for statutory authorities in Australia.

We’ve done all the time-consuming work for you by identifying the fundamental values needed across all government bodies and compliance reports. So all you need to do is map your fields to the authority’s codes, and then you can create and download your compliance reports.

It’s just one way we simplify routine tasks, so you can focus on what matters most.

Enjoy flexible compliance reporting

Like many cloud-native apps, Zunia is built using a microservices architecture, which offers many advantages for schools. This architecture allows for data to be captured with unparalleled flexibility, and then gives users the flexibility of how to access the data easily.

With the mobile-first design, users can gather and access information on any device, whenever and wherever they need it, and updates can be made on the go in real-time.

Compliance is number one for Zunia too

Privacy and data security compliance requirements are more stringent than ever. And it’s no wonder – the education/research sector has seen a 114% increase in monthly cyberattacks across the last two years, with ANZ being the most heavily attacked region, according to research.

We’ve built Zunia in compliance with the most stringent data security standards globally, including GDPR and ISO 27001, on a cloud platform offering Government-certified levels of security.

Simplify the complex with Zunia

Compliance is just one example of the complex made simple by Zunia. The student information system is designed to make it seamless for all the different users in each school community – school leaders, educators, students, parents, and administrators – to connect with everything happening at their school daily.

Education Horizons has drawn on 40 years of experience working with schools to ensure Zunia supports the critical functions each school needs. Along with compliance and reporting, this includes timetabling, attendance capture, wellbeing recording, and learning progress and reporting.

Zunia is available now to small independent schools in Australia and South East Asia.