With the Synergetic online application portal, your school can streamline future student applications and parent communication through digital forms.

The online application portal is fully integrated with the Synergetic school management system. Multiple benefits include:

  • Directly integrates with Synergetic to process application fee payments
  • Applicants can choose to pay on submission or pay later
  • Import applicants to Synergetic as potential future students
  • Attribute any fees to the student’s record
  • Upload vital documents during the application process, such as ID and academic transcripts
  • Customise elements of the application form to suit the requirements of the school
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Utilise the power of digital forms as part of your Synergetic school information management system to streamline your school processes. You will be able to create custom-built forms for use on your school website and capture a range of information effortlessly including:

  • Applications
  • Enquiries
  • Contact details
  • Much more

Add value to your Synergetic experience

To learn more about creating Synergetic’s user-definable digital forms please contact one of our experts. Call +61 1800 498 642 or +44 193 540 3020 or email sales@educationhorizons.com

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