SEQTA from Education Horizons is the visible learning and wellbeing platform that helps to set student expectations and drive deeper student engagement.

  • With this leading teaching and learning management system (LMS) teachers can:
  • gain a proper understanding of each student and their individual learning needs; promote greater student engagement; and
  • encourage students to become more invested in their learning journey.

Key SEQTA benefits include:

  • assessment and feedback data is visible to students, providing a sense of ownership over their educational journey and drives student learning and engagement;
  • attendance, participation, and wellbeing data is visible so that schools can better understand and intervene when necessary to enhance student engagement;
  • leaders can analyse, plan and monitor progress versus goals, leading to improved student outcomes;
  • the flow of data is improved so it becomes easier to record and track each student’s expectations and learning progress;
  • the impact of school strategies can be measured throughout their implementation.

SEQTA’s visible learning and wellbeing platform is capable of performing all of these things, saving valuable teacher administration time.