SEQTA from Education Horizons, the visible learning and wellbeing platform, is mobile!

SEQTA offers free mobile school apps for SEQTA Learn and SEQTA Engage for iOS and Android, allowing for easier access for parents and students.

The SEQTA Learn and SEQTA Engage mobile apps enhance the functionality of SEQTA’s software by offering features that are unique to mobile devices. The push notifications feature allows users to receive alerts and updates directly on their mobile devices, rather than having to log in to a computer browser to check for the latest information. This feature allows for real-time communication and keeps parents and students informed about critical updates or deadlines.

Another feature is hassle-free authentication, simplifying the process of logging into the app. Users can log in by scanning or tapping a secure code, rather than having to remember a username or password; this makes it easier and more secure for users to access the app.

Fingerprint security is another feature that ensures that only authorised users can access the app, even if the device is lost or stolen. This added layer of security helps to protect confidential information and personal data.

SEQTA’s mobile apps provide users with a more convenient and secure way to access and use the SEQTA software on mobile devices.

Other functionality:

  • View upcoming assessments and submit work
  • View marked assessments and teacher feedback
  • View and search courses and lessons
  • Take notes and make task lists
  • View pastoral care information
  • Tracking upcoming homework
  • View unresolved absences
  • Send and receive direct messages
  • Interact with students, teachers, and parents in forums
  • View relevant school notices
  • Access academic reports
  • View and colour your timetable
  • …and much more!

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