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The world’s premium visible learning and wellbeing platform, SEQTA, now integrates with Microsoft Teams to make it easier for teachers and students to interact and learn online.

The COVID-19 pandemic propelled more teachers to use Microsoft Teams to continue students’ learning during the extended lockdowns. Microsoft Teams enables teachers to set up an online space in which teachers and students can communicate, teach and learn together.

Yet since the lockdowns ended, many schools have continued to use Microsoft Teams as part of a hybrid learning environment.

To make it easier for teachers to move between in-person and virtual classrooms seamlessly, our Education Horizons team has developed an integration between SEQTA and Microsoft Teams.

How does the SEQTA + Microsoft Teams integration work?

The SEQTA and Microsoft Teams integration helps ease much of the friction associated with switching between online and in-person classrooms. By connecting the two platforms and enabling secure data sharing, teachers can save time and frustration when setting up online classrooms in their timetable.

The integration means teachers can go into SEQTA to set up a class to be Microsoft Teams enabled. Teachers and students will then see a Teams icon for enabled classes in their timetable in SEQTA.

From their timetable, teachers and students can launch into their class’s team by clicking on the Teams icon, or teachers can click on the icon for the enabled class in the Attendance Roll.

A crucial part of the integration is synchronisation to ensure that students enrolled in a SEQTA class match the membership of a team in Microsoft Teams. If a student is removed from the class in the SEQTA school software, they will automatically be removed from the associated team.

With teachers and students able to access the remote classrooms with a click, more time is spent learning, and less time is wasted waiting for people to join or troubleshoot with IT.

Because information security and privacy are critical for schools today, we have implemented safety measures to help protect the online learning space.

For example, a Teams class must always have at least one teacher associated with it. The teacher is responsible for monitoring the content of the online space. Without the teacher, the team will be disabled and become read-only for all members.

New LMS features coming soon

The Microsoft Teams integration is only the beginning of our SEQTA journey in this space. We’re continuously updating our visible learning management system to improve learning and wellbeing in schools. Stay tuned for more updates as we design and build on SEQTA’s capabilities.

Learn more about the new integration features in your SEQTA help portal.

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