Whilst most school software providers view attendance as a risk and compliance task, SEQTA from Education Horizons recognises it as a chance to empower teachers to be proactive by offering better information to make informed decisions.

Within SEQTA Teach teachers can access the timetable with one click, with a second click they can easily open the class roll for a particular lesson. By clicking the top of the day’s column, they can mark all student as present and then adjust the status of individual students as needed, simply hit save and the attendance roll is complete, saving valuable teacher administration time.

SEQTA goes above and beyond other school software providers with its longitudinal attendance register, it displays the attendance history of each student in the class and by hovering over icons teachers are provided with insights into why a student was absent. A green column will be present on the attendance roll when an assessment is due, by connecting attendance with assessments, teachers have the opportunity to support students who will be absent by reminding them that they need to submit their assessments before they are away on an excursion or authorised absence. This proactive approach avoids the typical punitive measure of docking percentages and instead helps to support student learning.

Through this same attendance roll view parents can easily be involved in this supportive discussion by entering a brief note in the ‘students and guardians” section, which will instantly send a push notification to their mobile phones. Teachers can also see at a glance which students have medical plans, individual education plans, curriculum adjustment plans, behaviour plans, or attendance plans, all of which can be easily accessed.

With one click teachers can find parent details, student photos, birth dates, and other associated information, all pulled directly via a seamless integration with your chosen school management system. Instant access is also available to student timetables, academic reports or standardised tests such as NAPLAN, giving teachers powerful insights to make better decisions and improve student outcomes.

Marking the attendance roll with SEQTA is incredibly easy and the richness of the information offers teachers an opportunity to be strategic and amplify their effectiveness.

Attendance is just one of many visible learning tools that SEQTA learning management system (LMS) offers to assist schools in managing learning and student wellbeing within their school.