How can teachers spend less time on admin and more time delivering exceptional student learning experiences?

That’s where Zunia can help.

Zunia is a next-generation student information platform with features to help teachers find the holy grail of less admin, better insights and more energy to deliver excellent classroom experiences.

For Yiyili Aboriginal Community School, a small school in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Zunia has proven a valuable platform for teachers, especially for tracking student attendance.

Zunia is simple and intuitive for educators to use and has relevance and flexibility in small schools. Tracking student attendance is made easier for schools that have high levels of student transiency.

Todd Flanagan,
Yiyili Aboriginal Community School

New Zunia features for teachers

Easily capture student attendance on the go

Zunia makes it easy for teachers to capture attendance, minute by minute. You can mark the roll and keep track of student attendance on your desktop or via your mobile.

To save time, Zunia lets you mark all students as Present and update the attendance for any students who are Absent or Late.

You can record how many minutes a student or group of students were absent from school each semester, and mark the roll for another teacher by choosing their name under the Timetable menu.

Need to add a new student quickly? Go to Add a Student on Zunia and fill in the mandatory fields, then come back later to fill in the rest.

Quick and easy follow-up on student attendance

Keeping student attendance records up to date shouldn’t be time-consuming. Zunia’s student attendance system makes it easy to manage attendance records for a single student or group of students.

Record and resolve daily absences to meet compliance reporting needs:

  • Record a known attendance in advance – for example before a planned camp, excursion, music tutorial, or other scheduled activity.
  • Resolve a known absence in advance – for example medical appointments, approved absences or other resolved absences you’ve been told about.
  • Resolve an unknown absence for a single student or group of students – for example a school bus breaks down, making many students late for school.

Zunia also comes with a set of student attendance types ready to use, and you can edit and create new attendance types to suit your school.

Track student progress in Marks book

Teachers can record and track their student’s progress and achievements in Marks book in Zunia. The information recorded in Marks book can be easily used to create academic reports.

Marks book contains your assessments and is organised based on assessment groups, due dates, and assessment names.

When you create a program, Zunia automatically creates a marks book for that program. You can then change Marks book settings to suit your program:

  • Choose the course type
  • Create and customise grading scales
  • Create assessment groups to organise your Marks book to view how students progress in a particular area or period.

Set up learning areas, assessments and outcomes

For each subject, teachers can set up learning areas and create outcomes and assessments for those learning areas.

Monitor learning progress

Keep track of learning progress with longitudinal reporting. Symbols have a numerical score, so even when you use a symbol (like a smiling face) for grading, you can still analyse learning progress over time.

Track and report on student wellbeing

Student wellbeing records are a way for teachers and school leaders to track, share and report on how the students are faring with their emotional and mental health.

In Zunia, teachers can capture wellbeing observations and flag them for follow-up.

You can define your own categories – such as detention, uniform issues, commendation, awards, or positive behaviour – based on your school’s wellbeing programme and processes.

When you want to view records or provide more details, Zunia lets you search by category, date and student. You can add comments, cross references and other information to the record to provide more details for reporting and follow-up.

Manage medical information

We know that it’s vital for medical information to be kept up to date for students. Zunia makes adding and updating medical information in the student record easy. You can add a new medical condition for students and include details of medications or alerts for conditions, such as anaphylaxis.

You can also track what medications the school stores for a student in the Medication inventory. Search medication expiry date, medication status or storage location, and edit or delete them at any time.

For convenience, you can also use Zunia to directly ask a student’s contact for a medication refill at any time.

Record medical incidents

Regarding medical incidents, it’s not always easy for teachers to record things immediately, such as when an accident happens at a school camp.

That’s why Zunia lets you quickly record medical incidents on the go or after the event. You can always go back to the incident record later to add more details.

Zunia’s body mapping feature lets you precisely record the injury or condition, with notes on how the student presented, time of reporting, location, and more.

You can also directly SMS or call the parent from the medical incident.

Automated Teams and Google Classroom rostering

Zunia supports a virtual classroom in Microsoft Teams Education, Google Classroom, Moodle, and Canvas using industry-standard OneRoster API.

The seamless integration enables automatic setup and reflects ongoing updates to virtual classrooms, so teachers can save time and be more efficient.

New teaching features coming soon

In the months ahead, you’ll see even more value packed into Zunia’s teaching features. We’ll keep you updated as these new features roll out.

Why choose Zunia

Zunia is a new cloud-based Student Information Platform that is evolving how schools manage complex student information, taking the time and hassle out of day-to-day tasks.

Zunia is available to schools in Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia and is currently ideal for smaller schools.

With Zunia, you can:

  • Access core student information at your fingertips
  • Easily capture learning progress with intuitive and flexible Marks book
  • Save time on attendance reporting and tracking
  • Capture and manage wellbeing and medical information

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