By SEQTA Chief Information Officer, Barry van Oudtshoorn

It’s been a huge year for the SEQTA Suite, with six major new versions released. The keynote change, of course, was the release of a complete redesign, and SEQTA’s new research-backed feedback and rubric functionality.

This release has been many years in the making – we posted our first preliminary designs for these new assessment capabilities to the SEQTA Community back in July 2016. The community has been instrumental in helping to shape this functionality and ensuring that it is pedagogically sound and helps amplify teachers’ impact.

This past year has also seen tighter integrations between companies in the Education Horizons Group. Pages from Synergetic’s Community Portal can now be integrated into SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn, coupled with Synergetic’s new Flex stylesheet, and this gives parents and students mobile-first, app-based access to key Synergetic functionality like payments and contact detail management.

This year also saw myEdOnline being made available at no cost to all SEQTA schools for staff PD and PL. With some SPS courses available free on this platform as well, schools are now equipped to manage staff PD and onboarding more easily than ever before.

I’ve been privileged to engage with our community at two SEQTA Community Roadshows this year; these are the highlight of my year, as the opportunity to meet with teachers and administrators from around the country and to hear your feedback and thoughts is invaluable.

Thanks to everyone who attended these events, and everyone on the SEQTA Community forum, for helping to shape the SEQTA Suite during 2019. I look forward to working with you more in 2020 – a year which promises to be possibly even more exciting for the SEQTA Suite!