Engage Teaching Co-Curricular Activities

From archery to zoology, plan manage and charge for your co-curricular ad-hoc and regular events, visits and clubs. Engage Activities has been designed to enable schools to manage a broad extracurricular programme to enrich your students' school experiences.

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Fully integrated co-curricular planning, booking and billing

Extracurricular lessons, clubs, sports, events and activities are vital to school life and student education.

The Engage Activities module is fully integrated within our school management information system, including Assessments, Timetable, Curriculum, Room Booking, Attendance and Billing, with activity attendance and assessment integral to each student’s record.

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Customisable and accessible

A wealth of functionalities and capabilities makes Activities invaluable for planning, running and assessing all types of school activity:

  • Minimum and maximum uptake settings can be set, with multiple booking phases and notifications for acceptance and enrolments
  • Parents and students can preview the activities through the portals, and staff can pre-enrol pupils before publishing them to parents and students
  • Staff can view activity history to make template changes, create multiple activity locations and times and set activity recurrence
  • Activity entry criteria and booking display fields are school defined

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