Secure cloud hosting

Engage is offered with world-class cloud hosting as standard, offering high security for your school data and preserving valuable school ICT resources

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Fully inclusive cloud hosting

Engage is hosted entirely within the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure to ensure the very best levels of service and security.

The AWS service is not pinned to one specific data centre, as might be the case for more traditional methods of co-located hosting.  This allows us to serve Engage from whichever AWS hosting location best suits a customer’s needs. All without any impact on your school’s ICT resources.

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Maintained by the same people that created Engage

When you opt for cloud hosting with Engage, you have the peace of mind that your installation will be fully maintained on your behalf, including:

  • the hosting environment
  • all required cloud server licences
  • Engage upgrades

Upgrades are managed by Engage’s in-house technical team, who sit right alongside the developers who write the code. Our regular upgrades to the software will be applied out of hours without requiring you to get involved.

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Keeping your data separate and secure

Engage uses AWS virtual servers that are dedicated to individual customers. The database is installed on your hosted server and is not directly accessible. The utmost precautions are used to keep your data safe, including:

  • AES-256 standard encryption for data volumes
  • All external access to Engage via encrypted HTTPS connections
  • Passwords are 256-bit encrypted
  • Sophos Endpoint Protection and Intercept-X anti-ransomware software is utilised on all servers
  • AWS-provided virtual stateful firewall security groups
  • Nessus vulnerability assessments and penetration test regime
  • Regular Microsoft patching

All of this is provided as standard.

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Is Engage cloud hosting for me?

Engage cloud hosting is the perfect solution for new customers and those who currently have on-premises installations of Engage.

For security reasons, no direct connections with the Engage database are permissible. Instead, Engage integrates with third-party applications using the Engage API or via an integration partner, including GroupCall and Wonde.

If direct connections to the database are still required, then an on-premises installation of Engage is available.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the best option for your school.

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