Some 27 years ago, a fledgling group set up a base at Double First House in Yeovil, UK. From here, our Engage school management information system was born. This location also formed the base camp for hundreds of conferences and seminars attended and the pivot point for the team that provides the best support for Engage to schools worldwide.

We love this part of the UK in the attractive county of Somerset and are happy to stay in Yeovil's growing business community. Our new home is now at the Yeovil Innovation Centre, a collaborative space designed to inspire entrepreneurship, growth and innovation – and perfectly placed as our Northern Hemisphere operational centre for Education Horizons' growing number of more than 2000 schools using its products worldwide.

You can now find us at Education Horizons, Yeovil Innovation Centre, Copse Road, Barracks Close, Yeovil BA22 8RN, UK.