Preserve your investments by recording and maintaining your school assets.

Over 52% of schools invest in buildings works annually. This significant investment creates a multi-million dollar portfolio of school assets. As Business Mangers or Property Managers in schools you are the custodian of these valuable assets, and it’s vital to have a detailed, accessible record of every development to ensure assets see out their expected life cycle.

But too often, property data and information resides in contractors’ files, or even worse all in the head of a single individual.

Bringing AssetWhere on board means all the data can be found in one convenient place – not ‘one’ head – with hugely improved ease of access and capability. The increased efficiencies have brought about major savings in time and effort to boost productivity.

Alan Williams
St Andrew’s School Business Manager

AssetWhere, school asset management software, has been helping schools for over 20 years to create a cloud-based, ‘single source of truth’ for its property data.

During this time, some schools have had multiple Business Managers or Property Managers, but thanks to AssetWhere, every detail of their buildings, rooms, services, and grounds has remained at the school and provided a reliable base for all activities around managing school infrastructure, including property and facilities management.

Knowing what was done where and when allows us to plan much better for the ongoing upkeep at the school and results in many other efficiencies. We might have painted, carpeted and outfitted with new curtains two classrooms at the same time and down the track, we notice more wear and tear in one room compared to the other.
AssetWhere will now lead us to question why that is. How was one room used differently from the other and how can we plan better to get more optimal use out of those facilities in the future. With AssetWhere data at the click of a button we are able to plan in order to make those efficiencies and savings.

Wally Lauder
Burnside High School Facilities Manager

AssetWhere, the property data platform, gives schools a toolkit for asset and inventory management:

  • Preserve your investment with better planning for proactive maintenance.
  • See and easily share every detail of your facilities, including underground services to prevent unplanned disruptions.
  • Make data-driven decisions about all operational activities, including future campus developments as part of a Master Plan.
  • Improve efficiency in the facilities management department resulting in faster time to fix and minimise repeat incidents.