Wonde facilitate integration with a range of solutions from other Wonde partners, without having to go through the lengthy process of integrating with them individually.

Speak a common language

Picture this scenario – you are having a business meeting with two people; One is from Russia, the other is from Japan. Unfortunately neither person speaks English. For your meeting to progress you must learn to speak both Japanese and Russian. You can now converse with both people, but they still cannot speak to each other unless they learn each others’ language. This meeting is off to a slow start…

Unfortunately the same is true with integrations between software from different vendors; in order for them to share data with one another they must speak a common language.

The EdTech world has exploded over the past 10 years, giving schools more choice than ever before. While this allows schools far greater flexibility to choose the software solutions that best suit their needs, it also means that there are a great many more educational apps with which to create integrations.

Wonde directly address this issue by offering a secure service allowing partner vendors to integrate without having to create bespoke integrations with one another. It’s the equivalent of inviting a translator to your business meeting and getting them to relay messages between the attendees, rather than them having to learn each others’ language.

Synergetic uses Wonde to connect to a range of solutions from Ed-Tech software providers such as SchoolStream, Passtab and Mathletics, without having to go through the lengthy process of integrating with them individually.

Integration Options

We will provide a full list of Wonde integration partners as soon as it is available. Watch this space for more information.

This has significantly broadened the range of educational apps that integrate with Synergetic, allowing many more schools to leverage their Synergetic student and parent data from within other educational apps.

With Wonde, schools have full control over which Synergetic data is accessible to other programs. They can choose to give these programs access to staff and student data, classes, timetabling, and attendance, with additional functionality being added continually.

In addition to this, Wonde facilitates Single Sign-On for both teacher and students, allowing easier access to your educational apps used. It also makes it easier to revoke access to all applications for staff and students who leave the school.

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